Solar Boiler System

Composition diagram of System

※ Solar energy has a low energy density and changes a lot with the season and the point of time, so collecting and storage is its very fundamental technology.

Features of One-stop System

Division / Model One-stop system
Collector (Quantity) 4Set 6Set 8Set 10Set 12Set
Total collecting capacity 56,000㎉ 84,000㎉ 112,000㎉ 140,000㎉ 168,000㎉
Storage chamber(volume) 500L 700L 1000L 1000L 1200L
Heating area
Spring, Fall Winter Spring, Fall Winter Spring, Fall Winter Spring, Fall Winter Spring, Fall Winter
15 10 23 15 30 20 32 25 45 30
Hot water capacity
(in number of persons)
2(persons) 2(persons) 2(persons) 2(persons) 2(persons)
Remarks Table worked out when solar energy is collected for one day h(5o urs) or longer Can vary to some extent depending on insulation status of theo uhse When more persons than the number in the table above use hot twera, it is advised to install an independent water heater.
  • Water will overflow by solar heat in the summer. (All problems solved with automatic operation)
  • Heating efficiency will lower in the winter. (All problems solved with automatic operation)
  • The piping may be frozen and ruptured. (All problems solved with automatic operation)
  • Inconvenience in using solar boiler – selectively use thermal storage heating or direct heating
  • Issue with follow-up maintenance of solar boiler – remote control for solar boiler with the existing heater controller

Solar power generation system diagram

1.Manifold Both internal and external are made of SUS304 for semi-permanent life and made of high density urethane foam for excellent insulation
2.Evacuated tube Device converting sunlight into heat energy, plays the most important role for collector performance. Selective absorption coating membrane has energy absorption rate of 95% or higher and radiation rate less than 6% in the high performance collector.
3.Appearance refined and beautiful design made of semi-permanent SUS304 for sturdy structure.


  • Phase change heat transfer type with fast temperature rise.
  • High collecting efficiency and little heat loss.
  • System normally operates even when the absorber tube is damaged.
  • Reuse is easy after simple replacement.
  • Maintenance expense is low.

Evacuated tube (based on excellent technological capacity with evacuated tube)

  • Dual evacuated tube made up of inner and outer glass tubes.
  • High-tech is applied: multilayer (SS-C/CU) selective absorption membrane coating / maximized absorption ratio by adding a patented special rare metal to the coating membrane to realize fast hot water production with a higher collecting efficiency by 10% or more compared to conventionally coated evacuated tube.
  • Excellent anti-freezing in freeze-up by applying a special evacuation technology.
  • Superb thermal insulation and high internal heat preservation with a high vacuum applied.
  • Stable performance and long life resulted from going through 36 processes.
  • Not freezes and ruptures even at -30 degree C.
  • Not damaged even by 25 mm hailstone fall.