Solar Heat System

Technical field utilizing sunray’s solar energy of wave nature photo-thermally for heating, cooling and hot water supplying for buildings through absorption, storage, conversion of solar heat.

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The system is compatible to both existing conventional boiler(nighttime, oil, gas, etc.) and solar energy boiler
one-stop system which heats with solar energy when there is sunlight and automatically changes over to existing conventional boiler when there is no sunlight so that it saves heating expense by 80% on average around a year.


By automatically controlling high temperature solar hot water for direct heating or indirect heat storage depending on the needs to minimize solar heat loss so that it has a higher efficiency than other existing solar energy systems by 30%.


It is an AI system which can minimize CO2 emission, so it is opening the era of no pollution clean energy heating.


You can use it much more conveniently thanks to application of optimized electronic operation format and automatic control system.

Composition of solar energy system

Heat collecting section

heat storage tank which acts as a buffer necessary due to discrepancy between the point of time for heat collecting and that for heat usage and between collected heat quantity and heat load

Usage section

effectively supplies solar heat stored in the solar heat storage chamber and the supplementary heat source supplies when necessary

Control unit

Unit to effectively collect, store, and feed solar heat, which plays an important role in terms of performance and reliability of solar system