Solar Heat Water System

Solar integrated heat water system

Integrated (stainless steel type) auxiliary tank 20 liter

Hope of future energy, solar evacuated tube type

  • Convenient with hot water available thanks to quick heat exchange
  • Safe due to constant temperature of hot water.
  • Circulating with cold water unit and hot water unit separated.
  • Heat exchange type with hot water to use and hot water in tank.
  • Number of water replenishing reduced, scale prevented, unit life extended.
  • Non-pressurized tank with high price competitiveness, safe performance.
Model name T258/1800-30E
Rated voltage 2P, 220V
Heater capacity 1.0kW
Total storage volume 300ℓ
Collecting area 2.54㎡
Collecting type Integrated evacuated tube collector
Collector dimension ∮58×1,800㎜

Types of water heater

1. Electric Heater built-in type

  • Conventional type with an electric heater built-in can solve the problem of irregularity in hot water volume depending on the weather change (amount of insolation).
  • Hot water available for use 365 days
  • Suitable as hot water for ordinary home use
  • Can be installed in downward construction
  • Hold the hot water temperature constant

2. Built-in Coil type

  • Indirect heating type using the copper coil inside the tank
  • Hold the hot water temperature constant
  • High water pressure available by directly connecting the water supply to the copper coil
  • Adaptable to both upward and downward type
  • A little bit expensive but can supply good quality hot water

Examples of Installation1